Overview of Group Classes

ESPN FITNESS offers a variety of classes, from beginner to advanced. Whether it's spin, yoga, body sculpting or kickboxing, you're sure to find a fun and challenging workout that's appropriate for your level of fitness. We also offer junior and senior fitness.

TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING focuses on your body as a whole, with the goal of keeping you fit, healthy, and energetic. We target the seven primary muscle groups.

BODY SCULPTING is a non-aerobic, muscle-toning class that focuses on core strength and overall toning of the body.

KICKBOXING is a combination of martial arts techniques and circuit training that will strengthen and tone every muscle in your body. It’s a great way to learn self-defence, burn fat and kick your body into shape.

COMBO KICKBOXING is a combination of kickboxing techniques along with the use of weights to strengthen and build muscle.

ABSOLUTE ABS will help you acheive a more defined waist line and flatter stomach. Feel your core muscles getting stronger and your abs getting leaner when you take our classes.

SPIN is a great way to get in a vigorous workout using a stationary bicycle - burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape. Music creates an energized atmosphere while the instructor guides you through various workout phases.

YOGA Vinyasa Flow Yoga - open level which includes basic beginner to more advanced, using yoga asanas to liberate breath and balance, and strengthen body and mind.

PILATES MAT Pilates strengthens and tones all of the body's core muscles through targeted exercises. Strong core muscles support the spine and reduce back pain.

SENIOR FIT is a group senior fitness class aimed at increasing bone density, mobility, mental alertness, cardiovascular fitness, fall prevention, stability training and more. Build camaraderie with fellow senior members.

ESPN FITNESS SPORTS CONDITIONING CLINIC teaches kids the basic skills necessary to perform any sport including, but not limited to, balancing their body with control, moving at top speed, agility, coordination and form. The goal of our program is to teach kids discipline and focus to help them succeed in any athletic activity.

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